Eating great food with great company is good for the soul.


One of the keys to good health is eating foods that are in their natural state or whole foods. Food that hasn't been manipulated, not processed, has no chemicals, artificial flavours or colours added. Nothing makes my mouth water more than wonderful fresh organic foods that come straight from nature as God intended.   


As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.) I am always seeking out the best shops and places to fill our basket and bellies with wonderful healthy foods. I have been known to have the odd basket of chips with malt vinegar and perhaps a local burger but I try to, if possible, eat organic locally sourced meats (on occasion), veggies, loaves of bread, with organic butter and grains whenever we can. I don't have much of a sweet tooth and haven't consumed processed sugar for over twenty years, although I do eat local honey, mostly in cups of tea. 


I am very excited, as we travel, to explore how different cultures prepare their local foods and traditional dishes. Seeking out farm fresh delights will be my quest. 

The road less traveled

Mark and Tracey - Living the life of Digital Nomads and sharing from their hearts. Follow along with us on the road that is perhaps less traveled... that of unconditional love.


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