Camping in Kelowna, BC

Beautiful Apple Valley Orchard RV and Campsite. Don is the owner. We stayed up here a couple years ago camping. Don graciously offered us an RV slot at camping rates. We just needed a place to park after all. No power needed. Olive has 2 deep cycle batteries that when juiced up keep us powered up for over a week... unplugged.

You may think were living on sandwiches and crackers. Far from it... first night with the new dishes... and we cooked up spaghetti carbonara. We still have to learn to cook for two. Loads of left overs. Hey... why not drop by for dinner? Today at lunch we made up so yummy chicken soup. Not the kind of summer fare you'd expect... but it's been kinda cool up here recently. Besides our little munchkin Haley was not feeling so good.... so mummy made her up a big bowl of soup. Oh, and we deliver too! :) Get well Haley.

My first time in the little town of Peachland. I was expecting farmers markets and fresh fruit carts lining some small town surrounded by orchards. Instead I was surprised to see a pretty little lakeside town, with a beautiful walkway and tidy little shops. We decided this would be a perfect place for lunch. I think you'd agree.

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