Magical Lake Louise

What can I say? What a magical place. It was very late when we made it up to Lake Louise. We found a closed gas station and called it a night behind the station along with another camper. Early in the morning, as I am getting accustomed to waking early, I decided to walk up to the lake. A four mile hike. But as the sun was peaking through the light clouds that had formed at the mountain tops and the rays broke through illuminating everything in the soft light of morning, I thought, "I can't keep this to myself." So I turned around and hiked it back to the bus to wake someone up! Tracey had to see this.

As we crossed the bridge heading up to the lake a few minutes later, we were in awe. The waters of the Bow River raging down the mountain was an amazing aqua-marine. The crispness and cold escaping the mountain tops and rushing downhill in a journey that would take it 623 miles, through Banff, Calgary and stretching across the prairie.

Lake Louise this morning was quiet. Not too many others up this early in the morning. A few paddlers out on the lake in their canoes, saying good morning to such a majestic view, along with us. The waters appear milky blue/white with the snow melt that pours into this little lake. At times the waters change to an emerald green and in the winter it is a wonderland. The snowy peaks surround the lake and seem to hold it in their hands. We loved this place. You would too.

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