The sweet taste of success

Somewhere out there, there is a 'sweet' hippie loving person who decided one night to tie sugar candies from our door handles while we slept. We didn't notice until we had got ourselves ready for the day and went around to hop in our seats. It was so nice. We woke another morning to find the local paper had been left for us - on our front step, so to speak.

Little things happen to let you know your on the right path and sometimes it's the little things that matter. Personally I like these touches and it puts a smile on your face when they happen. If your starting a new chapter in your life or out already on your journey keep your eyes open for the little things and keep and open heart. Fear will keep you frozen but having the courage to believe that the world can be different then what the media tells you it is, will position you to be a recipient of the sweet things in life. Dare to believe that sweet things are in your future and that your life can be more than what others tell you it is. It's your life. Make it a wonderful one.

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