A breakdown in Owen Sound

Owen Sound was the small town of my youth. It does not seem to have changed at all in all these years. Tracey had some work to do so we found the public library - which is a good place to hang out if your hungry for wifi and you need to get some work done. I was busy doing the laundry and once finished up I jumped in the bus and turned the key to that dreaded sound - click, click, click.

So I thought that it was my battery and pulled it out, carrying the battery down the street to an empty garage. The helpful guys did a test and told me the battery was fine. So, back to the bus, reinstall and - click, click, click. Hmmmm. Nothing. Back to the garage carrying my battery for another test. Same results. Your battery is fine. Back to the bus - reinstall - click, click, click. Ok. Check the phonebook and find a VW friendly garage and call a tow truck.

So here we are, needing our first tow and a nice guy pulls up with kid gloves gingerly hooks us up and Tracey and I hop in the truck - giving the instructions to the garage we needed to head to.

Well this is where it gets interesting. As we are driving over to the mechanic, Al begins to just open up about what is going on in his life. Last year he and his wife Linda lost their 9 year old daughter when she died of a misdiagnosed Strep infection. They spent days taking her back and forth to the hospital but they kept sending them home saying she just had chickpox. Well it turned out to be much more serious and that Saturday they took her back to the hospital and she died a few hours later.

Al is a warm jovial fellow but you can see the pain behind his smile. They are struggling to keep their marriage together and also are involved in a heated lawsuit. We asked if we could pray for him and his wife, he said that would be very nice. We gave him a hug and said goodbye. So if you could keep them in your prayers that'd be great.

Mike ( Georgian Bay Motors) and our Hero - Al (to his right) took a look at Olive and had her in and out in 10 minutes. Just a loose wire....no charge! So just a loose wire and we are good to go. Strange. To us it really seemed like this was rather like a divine appointment to meet Al who needed someone to talk to and someone to listen, and prayer was also something he was needing.

So I suppose the moral of the story is to stay open. No matter if things are going wrong in your life, if you can keep your head about you, you may be in a position to hear what is needed from you at that moment. It may not be a coincidence that you are where you are - it may in fact, be an opportunity.

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