King me!

So on our last day at the KOA is Sault St. Marie. Mark challenged me to a checkers game. Hmmm memories of my brother Barry kicking my butt.... flooded my mind, but hey it's just a game right. Well the game started off fairly even and then the years of beatings, or more the strategies behind the beatings, came to me and 3 Kings later...I won...I know, it was a great day! Hey thanks Bro' it all paid off in the end: )

We packed up and said goodbye to Bill and Joan, the owners of the KOA campsite, and thanked them for their wonderful hospitality! Mark did a new business card design for them and they offered us two free nights at their KOA...any's a beautiful day at KOA! So off to the ferry at South Baymouth on Manitoulin island. Weather was great and it is hard to believe that this is Lake Huron and not the ocean.

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