Sauble Beach

On the shores of Lake Huron lies Sauble beach.... Amazing! Beautiful sandy beaches stretch on for miles, brushed over and over by gentle ripples of clear waters. We loved hanging out for three days. Olive was looking hot on the beach and drew a crowd. We also met a wonderful family from "The New Nashville" aka Branson, MO. Brandon Bliss and his family were visiting his good friend Luke and his family. Brandon and his wife are worship leaders at their church in Tri-Lakes Christian Church.

Sauble beach was the beach of Mark's youth, having grown up only a half hour away. It is Canada's second longest fresh water beach and a magnet for people from miles around. You couldn't ask for a better place to spend a weekend if you lived in Ontario. So while we were hangin at Sauble Beach we were looking for a place to park for the night to sleep. Hey a large church parking lot looked inviting. So we get settled and off to sleep.....around 12:00am we get a knock on the Olive's window, from a man in a golf cart?! Where the heck did he come from...we figured it was the camp ground next door. He bellows out " You can't park here!" Ok we politely say....getting ourselves organized to head back to the grocery store parking lot, where the management didn't seem to have a problem with overnight parking.

Again he yells out "Get a move on!" "Yes... we say we are going". We talked about this later and thought how SAD! That you can park at Walmart....they welcome you with open arms as they know you will spend money in their store. But church parking lots are off limits....something is wrong with this picture. The funny thing is that it was a Saturday night and you gotta know that in a few hours the parking lot at that church would be filled with cars and the building filled with people that would be most welcoming. This is not a dis on churches - but golf carts. You get a guy in a golf cart and he must get these visions of grandeur and feel so powerful as the midnight security guard. Gotta keep the world safe. Well done fella.

Off to Niagara Falls next!

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