Niagara on the Lake

What a wonderful place, full of wonderful people. Mark and I enjoyed 3 days in the quaint little town of Niagara-on-the-Lake. This is a town that is full of the theatrical and surrounded by vineyards.

On our first night we didn't get much sleep as the heat and humidity kept us up. It was a scorcher heat wave moving over southern Ontario with temperatures into the 100's making it necessary for us to buy a 12v fan to hook up in the bus just to make sleeping possible. The next day we found a great little coffee shop, Balzac's....great coffee and air conditioning!

We were parked in the street just outside the coffee shop and a large crowd started to gather to take a peek into our bus. This would always result in great conversations with people and from time to time led to invitations to dinner or a night's stay with a local. This time a man came up to us and started talking to us about VW buses and his stories from his youth and times in a VW Bus. This is how we met Peter, from Holland, and our Good Samaritan. He said as the nights were so hot to try to sleep in the bus, would Mark and I like to stay in his apartment above the coffee shop? He offered us a clean shower, a get a good nights sleep and even laundry if we wanted.

What a blessing he was to us and such a kind and compassionate man. It makes one realize that you just have to unplug from the fear mongering of the mass media to find out that there are actually some great people in this world. We got to spend three evenings with Peter, talking about life, love and freedom from stuff! We greatly appreciated all he did.

There is this little Irish pub just around the corner which was shipped over from Ireland, board by board and completely rebuilt here in Niagara on the Lake. So on our last night there we got to enjoy some Irish music at the "Irish Harp" pub. We treated Peter to a lovely meal and enjoyed an evening out with our new friend. Thank you Peter....we will think of you often.

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