TV Producers... seriously??

Remember how I told you that once we parked Olive, the crowds would come around for a peek at our shiny green van? Well during that heat wave in Niagara on the Lake, that I had mentioned earlier, there was a couple in the crowd, curious about why two middle aged executives would sell everything they owned and decide to live in a VW bus.

Meet our new friends Harvey Crossland and Sandy Kybartas. Harvey is a producer with the CBC and has quite a selection of quality productions to his credit on both Canadian and International television. Sandy is an award winning production designer. We met this couple in Niagara on the Lake. Intrigued by our way of life on the road they invited us to lunch at their place in Toronto. We had a marvellous lunch with Harvey and Sandy, and met another producer MaryAnn, who had an enchanted childhood traveling the world with her parents. What a wonderful conversation we had. It was a pleasure to share our time with them as they have such a perspective on the world around us. I suppose that is what captivated them about our story. Stepping out of the rat race and selling all our possessions. Discovering a life on the road, where living is simple and the need to be driven by pop culture is eliminated. We laughed when we saw a poster in the Scotia Bank window... "Borrow to get ahead". I mean really, completely out of touch. How can you be telling your clients that the way to get ahead is to borrow? Don't get me started. So our new friends in television had an idea for a reality style show following our adventures. Microphones in our bus were one of the things discussed. Images of Tracey turning towards me holding a Starbucks cup, (with the logo strategically positioned) stating how the flavour of her Grande White Chocolate Mocha made for such a perfect road trip drink.... floated through my head. What an intriguing idea.

In today's generation when more and more companies are seeing the benefit of allowing employees to work remotely, the possibilities become endless in regards to lifestyle. The growing community of Digital Nomads or Location Independent workers is quite the phenomena. If you can, I would highly recommend it. There is nothing like pulling away in your home on wheels with no debt and nothing but the world rolling under your tires welcoming you to discover her. A sense of freedom like nothing you have felt before. I journey of self discovery that for many of us, we only taste a few weeks a year when we slip away from the cubicle for some sand between our toes. Great song by Dido on this very thing. Love her music.

For many of us we figure that this is our life and we settle into a routine. That's great for those who need that stability, and don't get me wrong, that's a great life if it's the life you have chosen. But for others, the desire to wander the earth, to meet other people in other nations and get that sense of global community, is an untameable desire.

We then see that we are really one people, all living together sharing the same resources and all intertwined on a blue marble that forces us to be cooperative. No it may not seem like it when you watch governments interact, but in fact, the need for cooperation is ultimately unavoidable. Time will prove this out eventually.

If you get a chance to travel. Do. It'll be the best thing for you. Spiritually, emotionally and socially.

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