Volksfest - Embrun Ontario

It was early in the morning when we reached Embrun and found our way to the park where the show and shine was to take place. We found a spot and popped our top and it wasn't long before we were surrounded by interested fans. Olive, our 1972 VW Bus is what's called a Dormobile. This describes the type of roof option that opens up like a clam - to the side. In North America these are quite rare, as the Dormobile company was UK based and developed for European VW's as an option at the time of purchase. Our bus was purchased new in '72 as the original owner was stationed in Germany with the Canadian Military. Once his time there was up he brought the VW back to Canada and keep it in great shape his whole life.

The fact that we were living in the bus full time was the shocker to everyone as we told them our story. It is so amazing to me to watch the reaction of people when they hear we are living this way. The inspiration it seems to spawn is a thrill to watch. There were so many couples asking questions of our day to day living challenges that they were curious about. One particular couple seemed to be so moved by our story that they are seriously considering doing the same thing next year. They are a year of so from retiring to some property in PEI, but now are thinking... why not complete the restoration on their van and hit the road. I think they'd love it. One of their questions was how we manage to live in such close quarters and not kill each other. lol. Actually Tracey and I are completely compatible and there has not been any issues or fights with living in such a tight place. I think you need a great sense of humor and patience. We just love each other and have such a good time on our adventurous life that each day is just a lot of fun. Perhaps we'll see you on the road sometime.

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