The Nations Capital

Welcome to Ottawa. We honestly were more excited about reaching the East Coast and hence made a push to get to the cities we wanted to see before we could continue our journey. When you get a place stuck in your mind, your feet get itchy to keep going until you have finally reached your destination. So we drove practically straight through from Dundas to Ottawa.

We laugh at ourselves as we are not the kind of tourists to linger in a city and check every nook and cranny of a place that we feel we're passing through. It is the nation's capital so we did feel we had to stop.

Here is a lovely lady poising by the walkway up to the parliament buildings.

We were completely not satisfied with the services we had been receiving from our Government so we went up to the front door and knocked. A group of Italian tourist and a security guard were interested in what I was doing. "Can I help you?"

"Sure" I said, "Who do I see about getting my money back?" Unfortunately the Government of Canada does not have any kind of money back guarantee - so I was out of luck. Perhaps I needed to have a receipt. But without an appointment we couldn't get in. No chance at getting an appointment because the House of Liars were all on vacation for the summer anyhow.

This is Frank. A truly gifted artist who worked for 5 days on a masterpiece, chalked into the sidewalk here on the streets of Ottawa. With a hope to raise enough to travel to Italy to study, I have no doubt that he will reach his goal.

The Museum of Civilization was alright. Good value for the $12 admission fee but unless your were a strong fan of native culture you'd be moderately interested. We made it through the museum in probably record time, watched a IMAX show and that was pretty much a wrap. We had heard that there was going to be a VW show in a small town south of Ottawa called Embrun so that was to be our next destination.

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