Thankful Thanksgiving

The next day we had said our sad goodbyes to Azle and the Abbey and hit the road for Corpus Christi…we were hoping to find some warmer weather. We had been driving a few hours and it was nearing lunch time and Mark and I started keeping our eye our for some where to grab a bite to eat, when there in the distance we saw a tall WHATABURGER sign. Never ever having a WHATABURGER we thought we would give it a try. Now our story parallels with a spirit filled, warm hearted women, Marty and her quiet spoken lovely husband, Joe. They were deciding what to have for lunch that day and for some strange reason Marty decided she would like a WHATABURGER, bit out of the ordinary for her as she is quite health conscience but nevertheless there it was. Now they had a choice of two places to go and decided on…you guessed it, to go to the one that Mark and I pulled into. When we showed up we ordered our burgers and having received them proceeded to leave. That is when Marty put down her burger, looked at Joe and said “I’ll be right back”. She ran out the door, led by the Holy Spirit and proceeded to ask us about “Olive” where we were heading, where we were from and what were we doing for Thanksgiving, which was the next day…. There is no moss on this rolling stone! She was wonderful! She invited us out with her and her husband to some friends and gave us her contact info if we would like to come. Mark and I drove off and were smiling all the way….Wow God is good to us and put us on the path that intersects with his most precious people. We drove down the road to eat our lunch (sorry but we have both had better burgers) and to see if we felt led to accept. Yes! was the word back. We called Marty and she invited us to spend the night in her home. She let Joe know that company was coming and he asked who and she said the couple she met at the WHATABURGER! I think he just smiles at her wonderful outgoing nature. Well their home is something to behold…it is modest in size but all designed right down to the smallest detail by Marty. Joe said she spent 3 years putting together all the design layouts and placement of everything in their home. It is really beautiful, so unique (in a good way) and very inviting. We enjoyed an evening with them…shared some stories and laughter. The next day at noon we went off to their friends for the most delicious Turkey dinner…All the fixin’s! Our hosts, their two amazing little girls and their guests were so very gracious. We really appreciated our time with them and the fact that God brought us all together. Funny thing to all of this was God had told me weeks before that He had a special family that we would spend this time of Thanksgiving with. Thank-you.

It was sad to leave Marty and Joe. In our very short time together we felt like family and I have gained another sister…how blessed am I.

I feel I have met some very special women on this journey so far….women of strength, beauty, courage, faith, humor, kindness and vitality. From Toronto, Nova Scotia, PEI, North Carolina, Azle and Salado… you are my women warriors. I admire and respect you all. May His glory shine upon you.

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