Friendly Acres - Yuma

As the nights started to warm up a bit we decided to find less expensive accommodations. We did a search online and found a few RV parks but one stood out “Friendly Acres”, that sounds nice we thought. Off we go with the “Tom Tom” programed for a happy place! We pull in and notice that is says 55+… oh dear maybe we won’t be able to stay as we are both not there yet. But the lady at the front desk smiled and let it slide…turns out that if you are only staying for a few nights you don’t have to be of age. Well we settled in and that night they had a dance going on at their local activity centre. We decided to join in the fun and walked up that evening to where the country music filled the park roadways…. Also we just headed to where all of the golf carts were parked…seems to be the mode of transportation around the park! We were surprised to see the mostly 73+ crowd sipping on margaritas and doing jello shooters…yup! These seniors can party! And can they dance! It was a joy to watch the couples twirling around the dance floor not missing a beat. They had a fifty-fifty draw for the “Wounded Warriors” so we bought a few tickets. They also had a few “ladies only dances” which I got up and participated in…what a great bunch of gals! One lady reminded Mark of his Aunt Betty from Ontario…when we asked what her name was, she turned and said Betty…Mark and I just laughed.

Then it came time for the fifty-fifty draw and the first numbers where called and no one came up to claim the prize money, so they dipped in again and pulled out Mark’s numbers. Cheers went out and Mark had to go up and claim the prize of $64.00 they other half going to the “Wounded Warriors.” Mark decided to give the whole thing to the Vets. Now I say this not to pat him on the back for this gesture but to show how this one small act touched these seniors. The lady running the draw was so appreciative for the gift and we had senior men coming up and shaking Mark’s hand with deep emotion in their eyes. We then got invited to join the table that Betty was at and I got to dance with a few of the older gentlemen…my “two stepping” needs some work though! They asked about our journey and we told them of the request that God had asked of us and what had happened since we said “Yes”. It was a wonderful evening full of laughter and warmth… they even sent us a “Thank-you” card the next morning! They truly hold up the name “Friendly Acres”. They also had a wonderful golf cart Christmas parade and an ice cream social after to give out awards! Blessings to you all from the young'ins.

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