South Padre Islands

Corpus Christi attracted us due to the name of the city, but along the way there we saw the South Padre Islands on the map and were drawn to cross the bridge to this tiny droplets of sand in the crystal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Here we pulled into a lovely KOA site just off the bridge exit and settled into our site.

The next two days offered a test to the strength of our vinyl Dormobile rooftop, as the winds picked up in a mighty way. The gusts blew in at 50 - 60 mph and put on quite a show as sands whirled around the campsite. It was easy for us to unplug the bus and take a drive around the island to do some exploring. Out on the flat beaches we could spot the wind surfers taking flight two to three stories high as the wind gave lift to them. It was stunning to watch them take to the air and dive back down again.

We took an afternoon to visit a sea turtle rescue facility which took in injured turtles to restore them to health and release once again into the gulf. Some were missing flippers due to boating accidents and when a turtle is too injured to return to the wild the staff keep them on, housed in tanks to live out their lives in safety. To release these animals into the wild without the ability to navigate or to escape predators is a death sentence. At least this way they are fed well, and serve to educate the public on the life of these dignified noblemen of the sea.

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