San Antonio

We have to back track a bit here as we missed blogging about San Antonio. There have been a few places along the way that we would recommend if you have never been, and the River Walk in San Antonio is one. We stayed for a few nights in the local Walmart Motel (ok the parking lot! lol) and walked around the downtown core in the late afternoon into the evening. The River Walk is full of shops and unique restaurants and the whole area is lite-up with small lights…. you can also take a boat ride where you will get all the history of the area.

As the two of us made our way through the winding sidewalks that line the canal, we held hands amid the romance that sparks under a starry night sky and trees decorated to bring a smile to anyone's face. A mariachi band played a tune, swooning the couples passing by, and I smiled to myself as the mischievous side of my brain kicked in. A bit further on we found a nice restaurant with tables on the street and I left Tracey there as I feigned having forgotten something in the bus. As I walked away I was on the look out for that mariachi band. Spotting them up ahead, I approached and gave the leader a description of Tracey and slipped him the appropriate dollars. Then I followed a bit behind and watched as the band walked up to this unexpecting blonde sitting under the light of the patio heater. They began to play. A soft lovely Spanish tune, of love, I am sure. Tracey blushed as they played for her, unsure of why they came to her and how much this was going to cost her. I enjoyed it for a moment and then walked up, which was all she needed to see to know that I had orchestrated the spontaneous musical performance.

If you visit Texas, drop by San Antonio - with loads of museums and historical sites to take in, it is a lovely city with lovely people.

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