The VW Bus that started it all

Our story is perhaps a bit unusual. Sometimes it takes the crazy circumstances in our life, to get us to a place where we realized none of the stuff we had surrounded ourselves with mattered. Like that song Johnny Cash wrote... Hurt... "and you can have it all – my empire of dirt".

We had our corporate jobs, a 3000 sq ft home and a dining room table that'd seat 12. We worked crazy hours and gave our all to our jobs. Does this sound familiar? Well, for us anyhow, it was not making us happy. As we considered resigning, shortly after the economic downturn of 08, there was, as I look back on it, no fear. No thoughts of "what on earth are we thinking!" It just felt like the right thing to do. Little did we realize that bigger plans then we could have ever considered, were awaiting us.

One morning Tracey woke up and quite clearly felt an impulse to "Start a publishing company." Tracey thought for a second and then said to the empty room, "Sure, what do you want to call it?"

"Olive Tree Publishing"came the inspired response.

What we also heard was a simple question, "Would you sell everything you own? When our answer was, "Yes" - the next two words ended up changing the course of our life - "Get Mobile." What may be uncommon is our willingness to go - to give up all that many work so hard for... all that stuff.

Perhaps you have, at some point, felt like you need to call a friend at a given moment, or felt that you needed to go to a particular place at a particular time. Could it be that at times like this we are given opportunities to effect change in our lives or someone else's for the better? I don't think these things are accidents or coincidences... I like to believe in providence. A purpose behind events that can be clouded by our proximity to them. Often it is when we have distance, meaning the passage of time, that we look back and can then clearly see a beautiful tapestry of happenings that bring us to a better place in life.

And so it was, the action we took next led to a series of meetings that would not have otherwise been made at all. So in a short period of time we went from starting a new business with zero clients to working for a few Fortune 150 global corporations. We were set for a digital lifestyle. But it would take years for us to truly discover the financial benefits of being Digital Nomads.

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