No room in the Inn

So after a long drive across the desert…which was partially white from the snow, we found ourselves in Yuma. The weather was still very cold at night just below or at freezing so Mark and I decided a couple of nights in a hotel or motel was still in order. We also needed to get the carbs adjusted a bit before we headed further south so we were praying that we would meet someone who could help out in this area. Mark and I pulled into a local starbucks and a man in an older VW bus pulled up to wash the windows of Starbucks. Mark started chatting with him about his VW and it turns out that he is a local pastor and cleans windows on the side! He also told us of a guy that does all his engine work so problem solved…don’t ever doubt that God doesn’t look out for you all you have to do is ask!

To prove this further we saw a Holiday Inn on the hill above the starbucks we were working at and decided that would be a good place to stay to get out of the cold. We headed up the hill and went inside. Well it turned out that they had no rooms, it was a very busy holiday season for them. The young man behind the desk also let us know that as far as he knew there were no rooms available at any of the local hotels or motels…everything was fully booked. He offered to start phoning around but everywhere he tried the outcome was the same…no room at the inn! Mark and I were hanging at the front desk discussing the chilly possibility of spending the night in Olive, when a lady came in to check in for the night. We jokingly said to her “we hope you reserved” she replied that she always did as she was travelling on business and never wanted to risk it. The young lady behind the desk pulled up her reservation and said to the lady… ok I have your two rooms here.

"Oh said the lady I don’t need two rooms just one. I must have double booked".

Mark and I looked at each other then at the young man behind the desk…He smiled at us and said well I guess you have a room after all…Thank you God we said! Every need…it has been amazing.

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