Frinton on Sea

One pair of "chucks" and a sense of adventure. England is full of many charms, and coastal villages are perhaps one of our favourites.

A day at the beach was in order, so it was off to Frinton on Sea. A small retirement village, aka town, only an hour and twenty minutes from our doorstep. The sandy beaches seemed to go on for miles in either direction and all along the sea wall tiny huts, like colourful soldiers stood at attention along the shoreline. These tiny dwellings are no more than 6' x 10' and are remarkably pricey. I'd venture that the price - per square footage, would rival a New York apartment.

The day was filled with luncheon at–of course–a local pub and a stroll over sands that I imagined had been underfoot of Vikings and perhaps French soldiers in years past. The tides roll in bringing sea shells, beach glass and tiny creatures desperate to return to the safety of the salty waters.

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