Finchingfield - The Fox Pub

Beginning our continuing adventure as Digital Nomads, we make first call to Tracey's family in England. Back to the village of her birth.

Our favourite pub in Finchingfield, England is The Fox, with it's home cooked meals of true quality and of course the feel that you just stepped back in time. Here we are with family in the same village that Tracey was born in, a cottage right around the corner ... ummm... some years back.

Finchingfield is a very small village, and is best known as the most photographed village in England. The village used to have five bakeries, four groceries shops, a butcher and many other shops and restaurants. Now.... a the village is significantly quieter with many shops closing up. This, I suppose, repeats itself in many small towns in England and perhaps in your home nation as well.

As I listen to the older generation talking about what life was like, 'way back when', I can't help be struck by the simplicity of life and the peace that many people had. Yes, they lived without cell phones or the internet. They had no Netflix or cable tv to entertain at night. There was only a single plug in the house and a single electric light. The fridge was a marble slab cold cellar that kept milk cold and everything else that they needed cool. It's interesting how many things we think we just can't live without - but that folks, years ago, did just fine without having. They worked hard. They lived a simple life and were communities - connected by life and not by Google.

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