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As we travel, I always make it a habit to scope out where we can pick up local food items, organic produce, homemade breads that don't contain things like E471, E481 Calcium propionate ( a mould inhibitor) or emulsifiers. It is even more exciting when you can find items like fresh veggies, meats/fish, dairy, bakery and so many more delights that would make your mouth water and they are delivered to your door!

I am so thankful as we journey that there are places where we can purchase real food, not processed food, and not only can you pronounce the ingredients listed but your body actually knows how to process them.

My motto: EAT WHOLE FOODS! My pick for the UK is Abel & Cole. They provide wonderfully prepared food/meal boxes or you can purchase items separately. I loved the brochure that features some of the farmers and producers of the wonderful fare that is able to be purchased, the dairy cows are so cute! Everything comes in Abel & Cole cardboard boxes neatly tied with string and placed on your doorstep when you get up in the morning. It really is like Christmas! I opened my boxes with glee and was greeted by lovingly packed nourishing gifts. Thanks Abel and Cole you made our day! I just don't know what to eat first. Roamin' Jerome is pretty excited too! Oh and thanks for the free eggs!

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