A night or two in Dublin

Dublin. We visited this bustling city three years ago and on this occasion we were only staying two days, as the rest of the Emerald Isle was calling us. We checked into a little Airbnb room for the two nights and did the standard touristy walkabout.

Ireland is part of the EU and as such, is multi-cultural. Something you can't miss walking the streets and listening to the dozens of languages that drift in the air. The city is filled with many tourists, even in mid-October the streets are crowded with shoppers and sight-seers stopping to check their maps or phones to navigate to the next attraction.

You can't miss that this is a university town. Literally hundreds of students fill local cafes, pizza joints and the sidewalks. It brings a youthful vibe to the city. Yet the streets remind us of parts of Vancouver on the east side. I don't think Dublin will win any awards for cleanliness with garbage and broken glass littering the streets, ensuring you keep an eye on where you're stepping. Though it is well worth checking out the Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College libraries and The Book of Kells.

We walked through the vibrant streets people watching and found three young people from Venezuela handing out free hugs. Jerome is not one to pass up an opportunity to show love so we stopped for a quick squeeze.

Now we had dined at O'Neil's before, which we highly recommend if your in the neighbourhood. There is a bountiful buffet that would satisfy any appetite and a plethora of beers on tap. It's a bit tight inside with a table in every corner but that makes for a cozy atmosphere getting you to socialize with the folks next to you. So after a nice hot meal and some cool brews we walked back through the cobbled streets to our room for the night, cutting through the Dublin Castle courtyard. That is something special about these cities. The history of the buildings and the streets that have been walked on by millions of people before us over the centuries.

Tomorrow we catch the train down to Cork, the foodie capital of Ireland.

Photo: https://www.lonelyplanet.com/ireland/dublin

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