Food Glorious Food

Cork, the foodie capital of Ireland.

Ok, one of the most challenging things about travelling is refraining from eating the sumptuous foods that you know will slow down the digestive process. But really they have some amazing cheeses and fresh breads here! And the English Market has a bounty of produce, meats, fish, and dairy which, for the most part, is all local. We had lunch, upstairs above the market, the first day we were in Cork, and both had a wonderful piece of Hake, not the prettiest of fellas, but very yummy with a lemon parsley sauce, fresh veggies and lovely new potatoes. We were both so hungry that we forgot to take a photo, sorry. The items for the meals are sourced from the market below which makes the food wonderfully fresh. If you find yourself this way I would definitely recommend checking the market out.

Living a nomad lifestyle can be challenging in that you are not really a tourist indulging in the local fare for a few days or weeks and then heading home to recoup from the splurge and getting the system back in balance. This takes a bit of discipline and forgoing the grilled mushroom and cheese toasties or Pub fish and chips and choosing to eat something that is more familiar to your tummy.... "I'll have the quinoa burger, hold the bun and yummy chips (aka french fries) and throw in a side of steamed veggies. "Ahhh, that helps keep things more regular for me." There is nothing worse than being backed up and getting real here that is an issue for me when I travel. Not everywhere knows about or has Swedish bitters, which can work like a charm or even magnesium. I don't drink caffeinated coffee, but hey when you are desperate then bring on the Americano!! We have a cereal in Canada called "Holy Crap" now that is about as real as you can get, funny enough though it sells quite well.... makes me think I am not alone and that is weirdly comforting in my bound-ness. Well onward and upward, I will start fresh tomorrow and endeavour to choose more whole holistically nourishing foods which would make my fellow nutritionists at CSNN proud. I know we all fall off the whole foods train from time to time, try not to condemn yourself just be kind and know how much better you will feel if your days are not filled with Pub pies, triple cooked chips, and cheese glorious cheese!

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