Hot Soup on a Chilly Day

No matter where you travel, there are always delightful, tasty foods from other cultures within one area of any given city. So when we needed a break from the starch-based local fare we were lucky enough to find a little gem called "The Noodle House." It is on Middle Street right beside the Dail Pub in the beautiful town of Galway. I am always trying to fill up with lots of fresh local bright coloured veggies! Yum! It is not easy as most meals focus more on the fish, meat or chicken and potatoes (only eating fish right now as I am trying out the pescatarian (yes that is a word) lifestyle. But my heart was singing a song of joy when we found the Noodle House, big bowls of delicious vegetarian broth, a variety of vegetables and bean thread noodles... I also added an extra serving of vegetables, best way to warm up on a chilly Irish day and the bowls are huge!

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