The Burgatory

Ok, once in a while you get a craving for a juicy burger. Now some would tell you that it's not really you craving that beefy patty with cheese, but the bacteria living inside your gut. Either way, whether or not it is truly me or not, The Burgatory is the place to go in Galway for a delicious burger. Local beef, hand pressed patties and fresh ingredients make for a deluxe homemade burger that would rival what you'd do for yourself in you own kitchen.

It appears that the whole menu is a buffet of local products. Grass feed beef without preservatives and what they call Farmer Friendly Chicken, which is indicating the free range pasturing of the chickens, and not the temperament of the farmer. If it is a thick chocolaty fix you desire then the milkshakes are a must. So how do you beat a juicy burger, fries and a thick milkshake?

When I walked in and ordered the first question was, "How would you like that burger cooked, pink or well-done?" Now you know you're in the right place when they ask you that question. It's not going to be a matter of cooking the burger the same way for everyone. It's not going to be a frozen slab of meat by-products tossed on a hot plate. No, here your going to get a healthy and wholesome meal and if you needed things spiced up a bit, you could get a dash of rum in your vanilla shake. That's what I'll do next time I come back. Tomorrow!

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