Let them eat pie!

Coming to Ireland may conjure up images of cozy pubs, rolling green hills, dramatic ocean cliffs, Irish dancers and delicious comfort food! Oh did I forget a wee pint of Guinness. We found a perfect place for some cold weather yumminess... "The Pie Maker" in the heart of Galway. The Pie Maker is a quaint little establishment and I do mean little as it only have 4 booth tables and a few bar stools. They do take-away though if you can't get a seat. The pies are made with local veggies and meats all nestled in a hot flaky spelt flour crust. Add some creamy mashed potatoes, peas, red cabbage, savoury gravy and you have the makings for some wonderful eats. The photo doesn't do it justice. Now I wouldn't recommend eating these pies every day no matter how tempted you are but slipping them in once and a while will satisfy that craving for something comforting. I don't know about you but I would take pie over cake any day! Taitneamh a bhaint as do chuid béile.

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