A Sweet Indulgence

Ok, forget the wine tasting and opt for an award winning chocolate tasting at the Hazel Mountain Chocolate Factory. This boutique chocolate shop and factory is located in the Burren mountains of county Clare, a 35 minute drive from their retail outlet in Galway. We had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with the owners who gave us a brief history and run down on the meticulous process in which they create their chocolate delights. I think Mark's favourite sweet treat was the chocolate chip cookies. As I don't eat sugar the owner pointed out their delicious Cacao tea. Oh my, this tea is amazing with a wonderful chocolate flavour and a warm spiciness from the cardamon, which is from various plants in the ginger family, other ingredients are rose petals and vanilla. There is no caffeine in this tea as it is made from the organic roasted peel of the cacao pod, however it still retains the antioxidant benefits. If you happen to find yourself in Galway Ireland, then do pop in to the shop and have a little sweet indulgence, you won't be disappointed.

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