The Lazy Bloggers in Malaga, Spain

Mark and I have decided to call ourselves the "lazy bloggers". We were thinking of renaming our site to this as well. We tip our hats to those who work full time while travelling and still maintain their blogs with photos and extensive write-ups.

With that said let's do some catch-up.

When we last blogged we were in Merry Old England. But as Dr Seuss wrote....Oh the places you'll go!

Malaga, Spain:

Ahhh Malaga, with your warm sunny days and clean walking streets. We really had a wonderful time in this southern Spanish town. Our host there was a wonderful young lady who we got to enjoy a spirt filled evening with. When we arrived it was the 3 Wiseman's Day. This is where the wisemen bring gifts for the children and there is a parade where the town gives out 'one ton' of candy to the children...yes a ton! I won't go there from a nutritional standpoint, but they had fun.

The city was busy with tourists escaping the northern cold, basking for a few days in the Spanish sun. We did have some warm days, like spring time in Nanaimo, which I hear many are longing for right about now. We send you love and sunshine. Oh, favourite place to eat was Noviembre restaurant, healthy yummy food all day (fyi most places close down around 3 or 4pm and don't open again for dinner until 7-8pm they eat dinner very late here).

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