Faro, not to be confused with Fargo

February 28, 2018



Faro, Portugal is a quaint little city that sits on the southern tip of Portugal. 


We took a train from Malaga, Spain to Seville Spain, then a train to Huelva Spain, then a bus ride to Faro Portugal...phew! bit of a trek but it allowed us to take in the countryside which reminded us a bit like Mexico. 


Faro has a few claims to fame, one of which is the "Bone Chapel" photos below (if you dare). The inscription over the door reads: “Stop here and think of the fate that will befall you – 1816. The bones are from 1,244 Monks. The reason behind these types of Chapels was to emphasize the briefness of our human existence and the need to live a good, purposeful life. Or others say it was to free up space in the cemeteries. Is this creepy?  There is also an old city quarter that has a wall from the moorish era. 


They also have some wonderful beaches and small islands that are just a short boat ride away. The one we went to was Barreta, also known as Deserta, Deserted Island. It has a wonderful restaurant (we had the most amazing salads) and a long walking beach. Because of the time of year, (off-season) we pretty much had the beach to ourselves. It was a great relaxing day to walk in the sun and search for beach glass. 




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