The Temple of Heaven

So here we are in China. The ancient lands of many firsts. First to develop gunpowder, first to develop medicine, first to develop paper - and our first time here. The far east is a magical place of many charms and very polite people. Just down the street from our hotel is a large park that used to be only open to the emperor and his family. Today it is open to the public and welcomes millions of visitors. The sheer size of things in China will take your breath away. Not just the 'walls' they build, but it seems in everything. And with all the construction there is a pride and artistry to all that they do. So true with this temple, built hundreds of years ago and still standing tall and proud.

We could not just snap photos without finding someone to bless. Just popping into someone's photo and putting a smile on someone's face is very rewarding. This lovely lady was visiting from a village that was famous for noodles! Sorry, I forgot the name of the village. But we met them again down near the Forbidden City. It seemed like it was a great thrill for strangers to walk up to us and have their photo taken with the white strangers. Gweilo! A term that comes from the root word for ghost. We certainly stand out in the crowd with our pale skin and Tracey's light hair is easy to spot as she moves through the busy streets.

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